Other seedlings

Other seedlings (cherry, apricot, fig)

Among the other seedlings we offer are two-year-old cherry, apricot, and fig seedlings, which we import from Neziri Bledian from Greece.

Cherries, as a well-known Herzegovinian fruit, enchant all customers with their taste year after year. That’s why every year we choose the best seedlings for our soil, namely: Ferovia, Burlat, Celesta and Regina. More about cherries at www.hercegovackatresnja.com.

Apricot fruit is round in shape, fruit weight 50-60 g and more, with a bright red dot in the larger part of the fruit. Apricot flesh is thick, very good tasting, aromatic, sweet, strong aroma, pleasant acidity. The Bergeron variety is self-pollinating, resistant to diseases and frost.

Fig (black and green) from the mulberry family, which originates from Southeast Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean area. It is believed to have been one of the first plants cultivated for human consumption, and it is also a favorite fruit of our area.

The planting of these seedlings is done until March.