Visits to the plantation

Jaffa plantaže logotip
Visit Jaffa plantations and enjoy the rich content we have prepared just for you. We thought of all generations, and everyone can find something for themselves. Our content is perfectly tailored to socialize with family and friends. Breathe in the fresh air of pure nature, rest your body from daily commitments at Jaffa plantations!



We know who asks the most questions why, so we have prepared an answer to each of them! For kindergarten, school and friend groups, we offer a tour that leaves no one indifferent. Pick and try our products yourself! Get acquainted with the types of fruits we offer, and we will reveal many tricks for you! We will tell you about the fairy tales that took place on our plantations and the many emperors who respected them. You will also have the opportunity to be part of our plantations. We may not reveal much to you, but we hope you have always wanted to have your own tree! Psst! Lunch break on our meadows, a large space for various games, swings and lots of fun we guarantee! Book your tour on time!


For a team to be truly successful, it is important that members know and support one another. However, it is not easy to establish good workplace connectivity. There are situations where people have been working together for years and do not know about each other more than the classic information we give in passing or in conversation while in the elevator. Therefore, organizing joint activities outside the workplace is a great way for employees to get to know each other better and solve business problems more successfully. Although there are many team activities that can be performed anywhere, team building activities performed in nature offer many more opportunities. Besides talking indoors, you can’t do much, and going on a trip other than just getting to know you gives you the opportunity to have a great vacation. Spirit and physical rest for your team can be organized as a one-day activity or a multi-day get-together. We offer accommodation in our houses that provide capacity for 8-10 people per house. Your activities can include cycling, organized educational tours, creative workshops, thoughtful activities and anything you want. Teambuilding can be combined with other services. Treat yourself and your team to an unforgettable escape from reality! Book your desired dates on time!