Seed and table potatoes


Jaffa – Komerc is the general representative of Bavaria – Saat Vertriebs GmbH for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bavaria – Saat is a company that has decades of success in the field of growing seed and table potatoes, which it markets around the world.

Through many years of joint cooperation, Jaffa – Komerc and Bavaria – Saat planted certain varieties of seed potatoes on pilot fields throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, which gave excellent results, which is why we can provide advice and guidance in planting seed potatoes.

Potatoes “Bavaria – Saat” are ideal for cooking, baking and French fries, they can also be used in the potato chip industry.

Regarding seed potatoes, the primary goal of Bavaria – Saat is to breed high-performance varieties in the following directions:

  • quality food varieties for all maturity groups
  • they develop varieties resistant to many diseases
  • high-yielding.

Seed potatoes are procured until February. While planting is scheduled from February. Table potatoes are available from September to May.