About us

Located in the heart of Herzegovina, the Jaffa-Komerc family-owned company was founded in 1989. From the very beginning, we have brought a lot of love, attention and ourselves into work. Our desire from the beginning was to bring appearance and taste from the world’s plantations. We started as small producers and traders, and today we can boast over 75 acres of cultivated land. After many years, we can thank all our customers, consumers and visitors for recognizing our hard work.

Jaffa plantations are known for their quality, their products which are woven with a lot of love, and which are 100% tested domestic products.

We progress and educate ourselves regularly through world fairs that we gladly visit and adopt new world technologies to provide just for you. We are proud to have many successes behind us, many accolades that give us the wind in the back to do new and better things for you.

Growing the most delicious fruit takes a lot of hard work, dedication and responsibility.

We have carefully selected the land for our plantations, as evidenced by the fact that in the past centuries, the best grapes from which the world-famous and award-winning wine was made on these areas have matured.

Namely, the tradition of the plantations goes back to 1882 and the famous Jelačić brothers. The brothers used to grow vines at the site of today’s Jaffa plantations and produce the best wine, Žilavka and Blatina. They were world renowned, with many awards from Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, London and many other cities. The land of our plantations, was called the land of “imperial vineyards”, because they enjoyed the wine at the court in Vienna and in Japan itself. Today, the remains of the wine cellar adjacent to our Jaffa plantations testify to this.


When we started planting, we promised that we would always work to improve them. And we didn’t give up on that idea.


Today you can find rich content for all ages on our plantations. We wanted to share our part of paradise with you as well, so we made walking tours through the plantations, also suitable for cycling or our stroller, picnic areas and many other amenities to enjoy with your loved ones. We have also prepared educational tours for our visitors to take a closer look at how our products are loved by everyone. We listened to you when you said that one day was not enough time to spend on plantations, so we solved that problem.


Near the plantations are located the most beautiful houses in the countryside that offer many amenities, such as a heated swimming pool, barbecue facilities, summer terrace and space for play and enjoyment. We guarantee full privacy!


There are many legends and they are kept only for you, come and taste our paradise.

Our Mission

… consistently continue the tradition of producing the most delicious fruit and providing the best service to our consumers.


Our effort and dedication have made our mission possible, which is to produce the most delicious fruits and to offer you the most beautiful of nature. Traveling the world, extensive research trials on growing in the ideal climate for each individual fruit and listening to your wishes. The result? Perfect sweet fruit that has become home to homes across the region and thousands of satisfied consumers. We believe that a meaningful and fruitful life is built on faith, hard work and integrity. After many discussions around the dinner table, we came together and developed a vision of family-friendly hospitality that focused on producing fruit that tastes like no other.


The smiles of our plantation and nature visitors from all over the world and the significant growth of our business have led us to be known as farmers who have passionately grown fruits of the best taste and quality.


Jaffa-Komerc promotes the values ​​of sustainable development when managing and planning its activities. We do this by collaborating with civil society initiatives with a focus on supporting women and young people. We pay particular attention to the construction of our cooperative structure, which most often encompasses a large part of rural areas of Herzegovina, and thus contributes to the fight against poverty and the promotion of employment.

In the field of knowledge and education dissemination we cooperate with a large number of educational institutions, and with our projects and activities we want to educate citizens, especially young people, in order to familiarize them with the opportunities offered by modern agriculture. Through educational tours, open days and various workshops, we want to inform young people about their opportunities and encourage them to work.

What makes our fruit so good and us so special

  • To offer you the most delicious fruit in the world, we traveled the world. Visits to many fairs in Europe and many partnerships have helped us to have the best fruit on our plantations today.


  • We have grown up quite a bit since we started in 1989, but the only thing that has not changed is our commitment to producing the highest quality fruits and a desire to offer world-class services to our customers.


  • We are aware of the treasures we have and that we enjoy, and we wanted to afford it for you. That is why today we have beautiful houses near our plantations that are equipped with a swimming pool, a place to hang out with your family and friends, and which guarantee complete privacy.


  • We visited many fruit nurseries around the world in search of varieties that had superior taste. After hand picking the best varieties, we have developed agricultural practices that nourished the fruit and protected its best qualities; meaning that the fruits are harvested at a carefully chosen time, perfect to enjoy at your family table.