Supply of fruit


Early cherry

If summer had a taste, it would be the cherry flavor! These red jewels are woven with a sweet, rich taste. Due to our location near the south end, and our early cherries we are able to bring you the first cherries of the summer!


The velvety appearance of strawberries full of natural juiciness and health are an irresistible part of our offer. In addition to eating them separately, they add a definite aroma to any dessert.


Apples are juicy, sweet, bursting with natural aromas and perfectly harvested at the height of ripeness.


Peach is a juicy fruit of the Prunus persica tree. Rich in flavor and vitamins, it is the perfect refresher on hot summer days.


Nectarine is a subspecies of peaches, but perfect taste they have in common. One of our favorite fruits during the summer!


The grapes are the fruit of a deciduous flowering vine of a plant of the genus Vitis. Bunches of grapes full of juiciness are a treat that everyone loves.


The pomegranate fruit has about 600 bright red succulent seeds. It ripens in early fall, and is available September through January!

Calendar of availability